The Whizzinator


The purpose of this article is to review the Whizzinator, a well-known synthetic urine device. Understanding the features and effectiveness of this product is essential.

The Whizzinator Touch has been developed over 15 years, offering a high level of quality and reliability. It’s designed to look incredibly lifelike, making it discreet and easy to use in everyday situations. The Whizzinator Touch uses a medical-grade pouch to securely hold synthetic urine, with a prosthetic that comes in five natural skin tones for a realistic appearance.

This device provides unparalleled comfort and discretion, fitting snugly under clothing thanks to its secure belt. Its design ensures peace of mind for anyone needing to use synthetic urine discreetly.

Product Description

The Whizzinator is a unique product made by Alternative Lifestyle Systems, a company based in Las Vegas, USA. It’s not your ordinary device—it’s actually designed to discreetly deliver synthetic urine. Picture this: it comes with a super-realistic prosthetic penis, heating pads to keep the urine at body temperature, synthetic urine, and a system that lets you release the urine just like you would naturally.

Even though it sounds like something out of a spy movie, the company behind it says it’s not meant to cheat drug tests. Instead, they sell it as a novelty item, like a fun sex toy. The Whizzinator isn’t certified by the FDA (that’s the Federal Drug Agency), and the folks who make it have made it clear that it’s all about fun, not fooling drug tests.

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How to Use

The Whizzinator is a synthetic urine kit designed to help users simulate a natural urination process for various purposes. To use the Whizzinator, follow these step-by-step instructions.

First, prepare the synthetic urine by mixing the included urine sample with water using the provided syringe. Then, open the port on the urine sack and inject the prepared urine into the sack using the syringe. Once filled, securely close the port.

Next, activate the heating pad by placing it between the sack and the belt; this helps to ensure the urine reaches the correct temperature, turning a strip on the heating pad green when ready, usually after around 45 minutes. Once heated, strap the entire apparatus to your body using the leg and waist straps.

The Whizzinator is designed to be discreet and includes a prosthetic attachment. To dispense the synthetic urine, simply lift a white clip located between the prosthetic and the urine-filled sack.

It’s important to note that the kit comes with four heating pads, but additional pads and synthetic urine can be ordered separately if needed. The Whizzinator’s straightforward design and included instructions make it relatively easy to use, offering a practical solution for those seeking an alternative when natural urination is not an option.

Pros and Cons

The Whizzinator, a synthetic urine device, has received mixed reviews from users and experts alike. When examining its pros and cons based on customer feedback, several points come to light.

Many users praise the Whizzinator for its realistic appearance, making it discreet and easy to use during urine tests. Its effectiveness in passing these tests has been widely acknowledged. Moreover, users appreciate its multiple color options, allowing for a more personalized choice to match different skin tones.

Additionally, the product’s efficiency is highlighted, as it works without causing discomfort during use. On the downside, maintenance is required, including regular cleaning and refilling of the synthetic urine pack. Furthermore, despite its realistic appearance, the Whizzinator is not foolproof against closer inspection.

This means that while it may work well in many cases, it’s not guaranteed to pass more thorough scrutiny. Overall, the Whizzinator’s performance in passing urine tests and its discreet design are key advantages according to users, but its upkeep and vulnerability to closer examination are important factors to consider before use.


Is it legal to use the Whizzinator?

The legality of the Whizzinator can vary depending on your location, so it’s important to check local laws before using it.

How long can synthetic urine be stored?

Synthetic urine can typically be stored for several months if kept in the right conditions, such as a cool, dark place.

Does the Whizzinator work for all types of drug tests?

The Whizzinator is designed to mimic natural urine and can fool many types of drug tests, but it may not work in all situations.

How do you clean and maintain the device?

It’s crucial to clean the Whizzinator regularly to keep it in good working condition and to avoid any issues when using it.

Summing Up

In conclusion, based on the Whizzinator Touch Reviews of 2023, the Whizzinator offers a discreet and effective solution for passing urine drug tests. At its core, this kit features a prosthetic penis, available in various skin tones, designed to assist users in circumventing drug tests.

The inclusion of a waist belt aids in concealing the device during testing, adding to its effectiveness. It’s important to note that successful use of the Whizzinator hinges on understanding its components and proper usage. This device should be used responsibly, considering both the legal implications and the need for regular maintenance to ensure its functionality.

If used correctly and within legal boundaries, the Whizzinator can provide a discreet method for passing urine tests.